About us

About us

Your home in the heart of Tuscany … Try an amazing experience as a true Tuscan

Who we are

After travelling the world we stopped and looked at our territory with different eyes. What Tuscany offers is useless to say it is unique in the world. History, art and culture blend in an extraordinary nature. Realizing the beauty was not enough, our greatest satisfaction is to host people who want to discover Tuscany. Our apartments are well connected to the main roads in the region so you can easily reach the main cities (Pisa, Florence, Lucca, Siena, Livorno). Every day, our welcome guests can live a different experience and return in the evening, relax in a quiet, but connected world and plan activities for the next day. Day after day our customers realize that the true beauty they encountered while trying to reach their most common places of interest is made of unusual corners, hidden trails, unexpected locations, amazing, unforgettable views. Our tourism idea is to take care of our guests, to advise them, to suggest them the facilities that can make their vacation as pleasant as possible.


Our Appartments

Our experience has brought us to renovating our apartments with the things we would have liked to find in the homes we have attended in recent years as well as the attention to ecology. The entire structure uses the electricity produced by renewable energies. Our photovoltaic panels are able to supply all the electricity demand of the apartments for this all the rooms of both apartments are air conditioned with Daikin heat pumps of the latest generation. The hobs are heat induced and hot water is produced from new and efficient boilers. In each apartment room we have SATELLITE TV, PAYPERVIEW (included in the price), ONDEMAND (included in the price) with particular attention to foreign language channels for relaxation for our foreign guests. As IT is our main activity, the whole area is covered by our WIFI with High Speed Fiber Link that we make available and free to all of our kind guests. CasaLina and CasAlfredo are two twin apartments, the first on the ground floor and the second on the first floor. Different cufflinks to meet different needs. CasaLina has a more international aptitude with a décor that reminds you a bit of Northern Europe, laminate flooring, modern, sober and functional lines with a great multifunctional living and a more intimate nightlife. A structure designed for a family of 4, but also designed to accommodate two more people as needed. CasAlfredo has a more rural soul. Tuscany is already breathing in the colors of its outfit. Its floor recalls the tiled streets of our grandparents. Furniture, fabrics, lights and all the atmosphere echo our tradition with the future. Unlike CasaLina, CasAlfredo has shutters and mosquito nets in every window besides the small terrace in the living area. Although the size is the same, the division of environments allows for greater privacy for people who choose to choose it. The kitchen separated from the living room allows you to have two private bedrooms and thus more capacity than CasaLina. For example, a family consisting of Grandparents, Parents and Children can enjoy a vacation in Tuscany without sacrificing their independence. Even two young couples with children can stay together while retaining their privacy and sharing only common areas. Both facilities have private parking in front of the house that facilitates baggage handling and unloading.

We’re committed to your ultimate satisfaction so that you can spend a great vacation as our guests.

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