May in Tuscany is a month full of events. The big cities shine in the sun and the pleasant temperatures make your holiday even more unforgettable. The small villages are teeming with walks on nature trails and historical re-enactments, without forgetting the most interesting sporting events.

Between 12 and 19 May, at the Santa Croce Tennis Club, just a stone’s throw from CasaLina, the 40th INTERNATIONAL SANTA CROCE TOURNAMENT will take place (see details, a great sporting event that attracts young tennis players from all over the world, stars still budding, but destined for a great future. From our Tennis Club all the greatest tennis players in history have passed, practically an obligatory step in the career of a professional tennis player.

On 20 May the Palio delle Contrade will be held in Fucecchio (see details Just one kilometer from CasaLina, the trumpets and the drums re-echo, introducing skilled flag-wavers and bringing us back in time. The whole month will be dedicated to the various stages of the Palio up to the final evening where the horses of each district will compete on the sand track specially created for this event.

And for those looking for the peace of a place surrounded by nature, but still out of the ordinary, we can not forget the excursions in the small boat and the birdwatching of the Padule di Fucecchio, the pride of our area together with our woods of the rich Cerbaie of lush vegetation and unexpected paths (


The year was 1928 and in Santa Croce sull’Arno the first Carnival masquerade was born. From that day many have passed under the bridges. There were several stops: the Second World War, the riots of the strikes … But the passion has never vanished and since the seventies the editions have followed each year regularly, becoming the longest continuous period.

Our Carnival resists thanks to the work of the four groups that compete for the most beautiful masquerade: Gli Spensierati, Il Nuovo Astro, La Nuova Luna and La Lupa. The carnevalai take months to prepare for the big event, inside their big rooms, where they prepare the car with characters in paper mache and unthinkable Carnival costumes worthy of an art gallery.

For this reason the Carnival in Santa Croce is called “Carnevale d’Autore”, to reward the originality, the art and the skilful craftsmanship of its citizens.

This year, to celebrate the ninety years of the event, the Committee presents a book that collects photos, memories, songs, history and anecdotes of the Canevale. An important document that celebrates the men and traditions of a community, which serves to stop the salient points of these almost one hundred years, which pays tribute to the characters of Santa Croce sull’Arno, the true masks that deserve to be remembered. Extravagant people who in some respects were already ahead of the time they lived.

But a book is not enough so the invitation is to participate in this year’s masked courses that have funny and pungent themes, just like their authors

In order of exit for the first day:

1 – La lupa con “90 La paura” (“90 The fear”)
2 – Il Nuovo Astro con “La notte piccola per noi”  (“The night is little for us”)
3 – La Nuova Luna con “Vada come vada stà a sentì che botta” (“Go as you go, listen what a bang”)
4  – Gli Spensierati con “Se un lo capite vi si fa un disegnino” (“If you can’t understand it, we will make a little drawing”)

The order will go to climb on the following Sundays.The program is as follows:MASKED COURSES






Sunday 28/01/2018

ribbon cutting 2018 year 90s carnival edition

carefree band

performance angels and demons parade of the 4 groups Sunday

04/02 street artists

parade 4 groups Sunday 11/02


masked parade of elementary school children

carducci copernico pastures of the school carnival project

extraction of the winning carnival lottery tickets

award ceremony of the carnival groups of the 90th edition

of the santacrocese carnival also on Sundays


animation for children by CLOWN FAGIOLINO

workshop for children by ART IN WOOD OF YOUR INGEGNO

… and don’t forgrt to buy the new book with DVD included “90 Carnevale d’Autore”!


The sea in winter seems a sad and nostalgic concept. Not in Viareggio when there is Carnival! The temperatures are still cold, but mitigated by the presence of the sea. The air you breathe is a natural aerosol. The party explodes all around. Lights and colors, art and imagination, satire and irony. You’re joking, but you think, you laugh, but you are moved. It is difficult to explain the emotions that inspire the parade of allegorical wagons. You are captured by that mixed feeling of amazement and euphoria, which makes you forget the winter and catapults you into the summer. CasaLina & CasAlfredo, as we know it, is in the center of Tuscany, so from here to reach Viareggio it’s really easy and fast. So much that there is a sort of twinning between the two locations. Also in Santa Croce sull’Arno the preparations for the Carnival are quivering, but we’ll talk about this next time.

Below the program of the event:


Carnival of Viareggio 2018


From 27 January to 17 February

Here is the calendar of the 2018 parade

Saturday January 27 – 1st Masked Parade, at 16:00

Sunday February 4 – 2nd Masked Parade, at 15:00

Sunday February 11 – 3rd Masked Parade, at 15:00

Tuesday, February 13 – 4th Masked Parade, at 17:00

Saturday February 17 – 5th Masked Parade, at 17:00

At the end proclamation of the winners and closing fireworks show

Sources :


On January 6, 2018 departing from Ponte a Cappiano at 16:00 the Cavalcade of the Three Kings will take place. Three people on horseback accompanied on feet by a multitude of children and adults with period clothes will first reach the Parish of St. Mary of the Vedute and then the Collegiate Church of Fucecchio to attend the Mass at 18:00, presided over by His Exc. Bishop Andrea Migliavacca.

January 4th is an important day in Santa Croce sull’Arno. It is day day dedicated to their Patron Saint Santa Cristiana or Oringa Menabuoi.

Oringa … what a difficult name, on the other hand, was born between 1237 and 1240 in Santa Croce and in those years, especially in these areas, the Latin was merged with the Lombards. As the scholar Giovanni Lami explains to us, to whom we know themost of the news on the history of Santa Croce, it could be a contracted form of Auring, where “Aura” comes from Latin “Oro” and “ing” is the diminutive ending of name in Longobard or German (Inge is still a personal name). Let’s say that today it would be called Oretta, Aurea, Sublime, Eccelsa.

The people from Santa Croce sull’Arno are particularly linked to this figure perhaps because in itself embodies the typical characteristics of the local women: courageous, enterprising, but with a big heart.

It took courage in fact to rebel against the brothers, the only family members who had remained, who in 1258 wanted her soon married to one of their chosen good parties. For this reason Oringa escapes from Santa Croce, but must cross the river Usciana. Here the miracle happens, between Ponte a Cappiano and today’s Cerri village, thanks to the divine power the girl crosses the river unscathed and runs along the Via Francigena to reach Lucca. This story of water separation is not new …

It took courage to escape alone from his hometown and to remain alone in the domestic service of a certain Lord Cortevecchia Cavaliere Lucchese, noble of Porcari, with an exemplary life. These are times when the struggles between Guelphs and Ghibellines exterminate whole families and the echo of the violence to which their native lands are subjected arrives.

With his initiative, under the call of vocation and with the indulgence and indirect support of the lords of Cortevecchia, Oringa resumed his journey in search of his vision. In Assisi he receives an illumination: to found a Monastery in Santa Croce sull’Arno.

So in 1277 Oringa returns to his native village where, together with a group of women, he gives life to a  religious community. The beginnings were not easy: a collaboration was established with the civic authority and the bishop, with whom, however, the relations had alternate phases. On October 31, 1279, the city council granted a house in the San Nicola district. In December, the resolution and the finalization of the donation.

But Oringa is remembered above all for her big heart like. According to some anecdotes handed down, during a famine, Cristiana opens the monastery to allow the citizens to feed themselves with the fruits of the convent garden and one day emerged from the cloister and presented to the Council of the elders of the town avoiding the war with Fucecchio, but they listen to it and the consequences lead to a painful defeat.

Having reached the threshold of seventy years, after three years of infirmity, Blessed Cristiana is struck by a paralysis, afflicted by acute pains, but comforted by prayer. Mother Cristiana died on January 4, 1310, surrounded by her sisters.

A spiritual life, yes, but also adventurous and fair, as are the women of Santa Croce sull’Arno: direct and sincere, you can always count on them.



Deliciae Eruditorum Seu Veterum Anekdotōn Opusculorum Collectanea  di Giovanni Lami

La miracolsa vita, et morte della gloriosa vergine santa Cristiana di Onorio Martini

Alberto Malvolti “Fucecchio e dintorni – Storie e microstorie tra Medioevo ed età moderna”


I’m discovering an amazing way to visit Tuscany.

Our partner Vintage Vespa Fan Club is able to organize your Vespa tour for a unique experience.

Below are two of their best-managed initiatives.

TOURING ON A VESPA BACK INTO THE RENAISSANCE TIMES going through the period of the Bonaparte family, Leonardo da Vinci and the Medici family.

On our vintage vespas, we will lead you between these 2 centuries , admiring places and buildings which have contributed to write the history of that period.

We start from the buildings of the sixteenth century of the Bonaparte family of San Miniato, related to the famous NAPOLEONE BONAPARTE who during his 1st Italian military offensive came to visit his canonical uncle in San Miniato (this event has been represented by a painting which belongs to Cassa di Risparmio di San Miniato bank).

We carry on towards Vinci with the old castle which dominates the village and after few kilometers we find the natal house of Leonardo. Going up the
road for few more kilometers we reach the church of Santa
Maria Assunta where a holm tree aged over 250 years

old dominates (this tree is registered in the Tuscany monumental tree register). From this spot we can enjoy a breath-taking panorama of the medium Valdarno valley and on very clear days we can see as far as the Tuscan archipelago.

On the way back we will stop to visit the Medici Villa in Cerreto Guidi. This villa was built as the hunting house for the Medici family due to proximity of  Fucecchio marsh land and Montalbano mountain, both places are rich of fauna.

Finally we will visit the place where in 1432 the famous battle of San Romano took place. This battle was immortalized in 3 paintings by Paolo Uccello and belonged to the Medici family. Nowadays the three paintings are shared between the museum of Louvre, Uffizi Gallery and the National Gallery in London.


Once upon a time…. there was a village called Pinocchio! Yes, you got it, it is not a marionette but a village called Pinocchio. As a matter of fact the town of San
Miniato Basso was formerly called “Il Pinocchio”. This name originates from a
stream which used to go through the main crossing of the village.

You might now wonder what a name of a village got to do with the most famous
marionette . Actually they are related quite a lot as reliable signs say that Carlo Lorenzini known as Collodi (name of the village where his mother was born) took inspiration from different names of these

places during the draft of his well-known fairy tale.

And now on board of our vintage vespas we are going to take you to visit these places finishing up in the ancient village of Collodi.

Let’s see the main coincidences among the fairy tale and the places around San Miniato Basso.

First of all how can a name such as Pinocchio being invented if this name has never been heard before ?

Here is the first clue : Carlo’s father worked for few years as a cook for a family in San Miniato Basso – Il Pinocchio, therefore Carlo knew these places very well.

Second clue : When Geppetto decides to call the marionette as Pinocchio, he says : I have known a whole family of Pinocchi , Pinocchio the father, Pinocchia the mother and Pinocchi the children and they were all lucky….. It’s evident that he is referring to a family living in Il Pinocchio.

Continuing our research for other clues, we find a connection with the prisons of San Miniato (Alto) and in particular in the episode where Pinocchio is arrested and put into the prison of the village called “Foolish people” and then released by the order of a young emperor who was reigning in that village.
Indeed the emperor Federico II of Svevia had reigned in San Miniato and the inhabitants were also called “foolish people” that is gullible people as it is known that when the citizens of Empoli attacked San Miniato at night by tying a small light to the neck of one thousand goats , the people from San Miniato got frightened by such a strong army and surrendered straight away.

More clues are available….but we will give you them during our tour that will lead us to the ancient village of Collodi through a road that twists and turns between the olive groves and by giving us a breath-taking panorama. The village still keeps the original medieval structure with the ancient doors of access , lanes made of stones and sighting towers.

On the way back we will stop to see the “witches oak tree” which is supposed to be more than 600 years old and that the local legend reveals it as the tree that inspired Carlo Lorenzini for Pinocchio’s hanging.

Have a good time !




In the town of Santa Croce sull’Arno in Via di Poggio Adorno, suburb Cerri there is a religious icon dating back to the century XIX dedicated to the Immaculate Conception. The Madonnina is located on the edge of the road near the intersection of  Via di Poggio Adorno, Via del Bosco and Via Lungovalle.

For the travelers who once crossed the dangers of the forest along the path of the Via Francigena, the niche represented an important reference point. When they saw it they knew they had arrived “at the bottom of the coast”, where Gusciana flows, today called Usciana, the canal that comes from the Padule of Fucecchio and crosses this valley until it flows into the Arno river at Pontedera. At that time, without bridges, the stream crossed through a ford. Later a small canal control building was built with a guardian inside. Only a few years later the bridge was built. It is said that Beata Cristiana to escape from the brothers who wanted to punish her for her generosity, escaped from her house to Usciana and not knowing how to cross it stretched out her apron and believed in the help of the Lord. So Oringa de Menabuoi saved herself and fled to Lucca, a disastrous departure for a final full of glory, but this is another story and I’ll tell you another time.

But let’s go back to our niche. The first historical notes, as well as the first photos date back to the early ‘900. It is interesting to note the florid foliage of the cypress behind the Madonnina. The fact that this tree was already so voluminous, suggests that this religious corner was also present many years before.

Before the last restoration in 1987, the icon appeared as in the image below. Proven by time and two wars, the fresco was about to disappear altogether.

In 1987, the painter Enrico Fornaini took care of the restoration by Mrs. Liana Lami.

Today, 40 years later, our Madonnina has found a new owner who has great plans for her. Soon the new table will be placed with the replicated image of the fresco by Fornaini himself, waiting for the Belle Arti to follow to the recovery plan of the original fresco.

Historical sources:

  • Santa Croce D’Antan – I corpi i luoghi le storie
  • Sacra – nella terra del pane e del companatico di Marisa Baratolesi, Lisandro Chiari, Andrea Orsini e Savino Ruglioni – Rotary Club Fucecchio-Santa Croce sull’Arno FM EDIZIONI
  • Grandmother Carla Pagni

Halloween is over and you already start thinking about Christmas lights.

Because Christmas is like building a Barbie house or a car trail … Christmas is not a day of the year, Christmas is prepared, it’s set up. Advent weekends, December 8th, Christmas gifts, Christmas markets.

Sometimes I wonder why this collective folly for the birthday of Jesus. Maybe this holiday period has so remote roots that we do not even know how to give a meaningful explanation to our mood. It is also true that even the most serious and orthodox people are unlikely to withstand the Christmas climate and so we are overwhelmed by a stronger feeling than we do not even feel the lack of sunshine, because the sun brings it inside us and we expect it to flourish new year, newer, more beautiful and better. Like a baby who is born and still has everything to learn, he does not know anything about our prisons, but looks only for the future and the future in his eyes is amazing.

Today I propose you one of the most beautiful events in our area: Natalia.

For a few years in the fairy frame of the Cloister of the Convent of Franciscan Friars of Fucecchio in December, this magical event takes place thanks to the commitment of all citizenship, but especially to the people of Contrada Porta Raimonda who, in addition to competing for the Palio of Fucecchio in May, during the year come up with several events to engage neighborhood residents and more.

In recent editions the event has taken on a dimension that also attract tourists from other countries.

Below I enclose the full program of the event, I hope you like it and that yours is a dense Christmas of events, but above all of inner peace.




11:45 pm: Inauguration Ceremony; cutting the ribbon in the presence of the municipal administration, Santa Claus and all the characters of Natalia.

12.00 pm: Greetings from the organization and the authorities.

12.15 pm: Opening of the area of ​​the “6th Draw Competition and Poetry Nedo Nencioni”, Elf Laboratory and Art Nativity.


12.30 am: Opening of “Santa Claus Tavern”, with typical dishes of Christmas tradition. No reservation required.


15.00 hrs: Baby Christmas Dance with the elves of the Parade

15.20: Magical Show with Magician Gianluca and Stefano Orselli directly from Italy’s got Talent

16.00 pm: CHURCH BABY PARADE (Piazza della Vergine, via Trieste, Corso Matteotti, Largo Montanelli, Via Landini Marchiani, Piazza XX Settembre and back to Piazza La Vergine) with 100 figurines, the Queen of the Snow, our Mascotte Rudolph the reindeer, the toy factory and the big Santa Claus wagon with sled and reindeer.

17.00: The 4-meter-long Christmas Tree lighting ceremony featuring “Magic Christmas” by all the characters of Natalia with the participation of Raffaella Zambelli, Luca Nesti, Silvia Cirrito and the children of the Athena Dance Team of San Miniato Basso (PI )

17.30 pm: Magic show with Magician Gianluca and Stefano Orselli directly from Italy’s got Talent



10.30 am opening of the doors of the village of Santa Claus, Breakfast at the confectionery of the Elfe and the Biscuits, Elf Laboratory, the Rudolph Bottle, Art Nativity, Santa Claus House and post office.


12.30am – 2.30pm Opening of “Santa Claus Tavern”, with typical dishes of Christmas tradition. No reservation required.


3:30 pm: Baby Christmas Dance with the Parade Elves

16.15 pm: CHRISTMAS PARADE PARADE (Piazza della Vergine, Via Trieste, Corso Matteotti, Largo Montanelli, Via Landini Marchiani, Piazza XX Settembre and back to Piazza La Vergine) with 100 figurines, the Queen of the Snow, our new Rudolph Mascot The reindeer, the toy factory, the Butterfly Dance Studio dance body and the big Santa Claus wagon with sledge and reindeer.

17.15 hours: FROZEN Elsa, Anna and Olaf will keep company with all the kids with songs, baby dance, children makeup and more, for an afternoon …. Iced!



10.30 am opening of the doors of the village of Santa Claus, Breakfast at the confectionery of the Elfe and the Biscuits, Elf Laboratory, the Rudolph Bottle, Art Nativity, Santa Claus House and post office.


12.30 am: Opening of “Santa Claus Tavern”, with typical dishes of Christmas tradition. No reservation required.


15.00 hrs: Baby Christmas Dance with the elves of the Parade

3:30 pm: “Christmas in Fairy”, animated fairy tales in the Elves workshop by Blume. After reading much animated activity with Blume’s staff.

16.15 pm: CHRISTMAS PARADE PARADE (Piazza della Vergine, Via Trieste, Corso Matteotti, Largo Montanelli, Via Landini Marchiani, Piazza XX Settembre and back to Piazza La Vergine) with 100 figurines, the Queen of the Snow, our new Rudolph Mascot The reindeer, the toy factory, the Butterfly Dance Studio dance body and the big Santa Claus wagon with sledge and reindeer.

17.15 pm: Natalia arrives …. THE MINIONS!



10.30 am opening of the doors of the village of Santa Claus, Breakfast at the confectionery of the Elfe and the Biscuits, Elf Laboratory, the Rudolph Bottle, Art Nativity, Santa Claus House and post office.


12.30 am: Opening of “Santa Claus Tavern”, with typical dishes of Christmas tradition. No reservation required.


3 pm: “Christmas in fairy tale”, animated fairy tales in the Elves workshop by Blume. After reading much animated activity with Blume’s staff.

15.30 pm Magic show with Magatella

16.15 pm: CHRISTMAS PARADE PARADE (Piazza della Vergine, Via Trieste, Corso Matteotti, Largo Montanelli, Via Landini Marchiani, Piazza XX Settembre and back to Piazza La Vergine) with 100 figurines, the Queen of the Snow, our new Rudolph Mascot The reindeer, the toy factory, the Butterfly Dance Studio dance body and the big Santa Claus wagon with sledge and reindeer.

5 pm: Magic Bubbles – a show of soap bubbles with the Magatella

JANUARY, 6 2018

15.30: Prize of the 6th Draw Competition and Poetry Nedo Nencioni

17.00: Flight of the Befana – by C.A.I Italian Alpine Club – a befana “will fly” from the roof of the Cloister.

5.30 pm: The befana gives a stocking to all children and the elf workshop for the attendees

19.00 hrs: drawing of lottery and closing ceremony of Santa Claus country.


From December 2 to January 6 ICE LEATHER JACKET (always open)

CHRISTMAS MARKETS (Christmas Organization Up) December, 16-17 2017

*** Christmas Train *** – December 2, a magical Christmas train will accompany you around Fucecchio. All Saturdays and Sundays (CCN organization)

Natalia – the magical village of Santa Claus Parade adheres to the bill of events promoted by the municipal administration “Natale a Fucecchio”


It’s hard to write something that has not been said about this fascinating bridge.

The charm of the impossible, maybe that’s the devil we talk about.

A negative feeling that causes ill-feeling, impotence, anger.

The desire to get away, but do not know how. Feeling lost, while the river of life runs inexorably, with its natural, but terrifying noise.

Reach our goals that are on the opposite side of the river, see them and not grab them.

Meanwhile someone has gone swimming or flying, someone has fallen, others have succeeded, and instead of understanding you laugh at you, they slip on your pain, because they enjoy your fear, strengthens them, and somehow forgets their afflictions.

Who are you?

Are you with them?

Do you think they are right?


Will you go ahead with the smile?

Then yeah, you’re diabolical!

If you build the bridge and leave all with their mouth open, then you will be addicted, you will be even more alone, because those who do it, do not like anyone, but not to give you too much will find the excuse that you have not been the best… you were only helped by the devil and may God has pity of your soul.

The scientific, mathematical, constructive genius, like other things that can not be explained, has always been aroused, especially in the Middle Ages. The Devil is a good scapegoat in this case. It justifies you, it protects you.

Devil or Holy, this bridge has been nearly 1000 years old despite the train, the dam, the earthquakes, the geological phases, the time it passes.

Although the arch looks so slim, delicate at its peak. I do not know why he reminds me of Michelangelo’s “Creation”.

Maybe this is the secret, letting yourself cross over without too much opposition.

Elasticity: mild and conscious endurance, more divine than human attitude.

This magical place lives every year for the most splendid moment during Halloween.

Which best place to celebrate the darkness?

Below I enclose the full program of the event, kindly granted me by the organizers that I thank and greet.


Halloween Celebration is the first and largest Halloween Fest in Italy, considered one of the most important in Europe, along with Derry’s in Ireland, Edinburgh in Scotland and Ferrol in Galicia.

Since 1993 every Vigilia of Every Saints the Lucca country of Borgo a Mozzano is crossed by 30 to 40 thousand people coming from all over Italy

to live in the first person the magic experience of a night of music, performances and terror.

Halloween Celebration was born from the union of the typical American festival and the folklore, legends and mysteries of the place.

It is a clear product of the show dedicated to Lucida Mansi’s lucchese noble story, who surrendered his soul to the Devil in exchange for thirty years more than a young beauty.

Each year the young man re-emerges to tell the events of his condemnation to the Inferi, to which he returns falling from the Devil’s Bridge to the midnight burn in a burning of fireworks after passing through the historical center accompanied by Lucifer himself and his faithful demons.

Meanwhile, Borgo a Mozzano has live concerts, traveling shows, magic, street artists and music in more than fifty locations around the country.

One of the central attractions of the party, is certainly the Passage of Terror. Born in 1994, it soon became a cult gathering for all such lovers.

It is a compelling journey through 20 horror scenes from films, stories and ancient phobias, to which viewers enter small groups of tutor-led people.

During the journey into the world of fear actors interact with visitors bringing them into a nightmare made alive and truthful by the quality of make-up, special effects and scenery. The event is artistically produced by Nero creativelab and Loga Studio Art Vision and has been organized for 24 years by Artistic Director Stefano Nannizzi.




On Saturday, October 28, the appointment with Sarcanyra vampires


A great mystery to solve, a line of vampires, ancient and noble, four caste and 80 families: the alliance is renewed and in Borgo a Mozzano – or Borgo di Mezzo – returns “The Black Night”. The appointment, with the vampires of Sarcanyra, is scheduled for Saturday 28 October. For eight years Borgo a Mozzano is the land that welcomes one of the most exciting Italian role-playing games: “The Black Night”. Two days of Halloween, the par excellence this year at the 24th edition, Borgo a Mozzano will be the draconian theater of Sarcanyra’s vampires, gathering like every fall to strengthen the alliance and the bond between the families. And like every fall, the evening of celebrations is interrupted by an unfortunate event. Families will then face hard tests, complicated puzzles, and mysteries to dissolve to bring peace and save the entire lineage. Participants will have to face challenges of skill, intelligence and cunning, helped by the directions they will find along the route and by the citizens who will be able to indicate the way to go.

More than 2 km of event space; the whole historic center of the Borgo di Mezzo will turn into a stage that will host a hunting-and-hunting treasure hunt: 30 locations and over 80 actors and figures will guide the participants to the game’s solution. At Night Black takes part in groups of at least two people up to a maximum of five. Each group will have to choose their own Family and follow the directions for the disguise. The hunt will commence on Saturday, October 28 at XX September at 21 and will last about 4 hours: players will have to appear between 18 and 19.30 for registration and check-in. It is possible to subscribe until 19.30 on October 29th. For more information and registration,

The event, created and coordinated by Art Director Stefano Nannizzi, is organized by Halloween Celebration, Nero Creativelab and Loga Studio Art Vision.





Halloween Celebration Organization, Loga Studio staff and Nero Creativelab, in collaboration with Z Nation Italia and Zombiadi, present Zoombie, the international non-life festival. A day in the nature of the human being’s zombie nature, with presentations, activities, aperice, music and flash themed Mob.

The day will start at 12 am with the Lombroso Fair, ZStreet Food

and the opening of the various Zombie Lunch and Aperizombie.

From 13.30 there will be openings to Zombiadi with the possibility to participate from humans or from Zombie. For the seconds, a special zombie room will be set up.

At 14.00 ZNation Meeting directed by Emanuele Mattana, head of Z Nation italia, where he will speak about the famous American television series, by George A. Romero and the genre he shares them with.

It will be the turn of ZombieGoose, the giant leap into zombie-themed and the opening of Probi Zombie Dance, Karazombie and Zombie Palace.

At 3 pm, the Zombie Games, 2018 Apocalyptic Games will be launched with various tests to support for zombies and humans: Oscillation, Zoomba, Aritmica Gymnastics, Zooling, Zombie Shooting, Zombie Walk, Ping Zong and Football Rigormortis.

On the 17th of the “race of the races” or “The Giro del Borgo in 80 Zombie”, a race / game where human competitors will have to avoid the contact of zombies on a 4 km journey into the historic center of Borgo a Mozzano. At 18 the opening of the roleplay YouZombie and concurrently the 80’Zombie Live show and the meetings with Chaos author of the novel “History of a dead not live” and Prof. Christian Orloff Petersen of Cana University who will scientifically address the history of zombies .

From the 21st in the Zombie Shot, the coronation of Misser Zombie 2017 and the award ceremony of Zombiadi winners. So evening finale with Zombie Dance. Throughout the day zombie street music and the show

“Thriller 35th Anniversary of the company Polyedric Vision the Factory






Immersed in the green Tuscan hills and surrounded by centuries-old walls, Lucca is transformed every year from a medieval and fascinating European capital city of madness and fun.

Lucca Comics & Games at the end of Octobercolors the city of music, events, previews, meetings, masks and games all about comics, manga, movies and much more. The event, one of the most beautiful and largest of Europe, focuses all over the city center, between its streets and its walls, making it unique in its kind and loved by millions of people, as evidenced by the number of attendance each year ever higher. The event features international previews thanks to the presence of great names such as Warner Bros. and Marvel Comics, hosts from around the world, and the ability to play video games and role-playing games. Obviously there is also the possibility to buy gadgets and rarity in the pavilions scattered throughout the city, tasting typical Japanese dishes in the area dedicated to the village of Sol Levante, the home of the manga and having fun in search of stramberies of all kinds on display. But what immediately jumps to the eye as it sets foot in this alternative world and where the true soul of the event resides is the presence of cosplayers, boysand adults – who, with joy and ingenuity, enjoy playing and dressing like your favorite characters.

The cosplayers invade the streets with glamorous dresses, elaborate armor, parades and incredible interpretations that leave every visitor open. Their presence raises Lucca Comics & Games by a simple party cartoon convention where every stramber is granted and the desire to become her hero becomes reality. Do not be ashamed to ask for a photo or call them with the name of the character, for them there is no better compliment. Lucca Comics & Games is suitable for young and old, enthusiasts and not, just have fantasy and desire to enter a world where, for a few hours, you can be a hero!

Useful tips:

Comfortable shoes and clothes

Avoid strollers

Avoid the car, the train station is within walking distance.

Useful links:

by Domizia Iacopini