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Tuscany has a long coast. Here as follows we give you some informations for the most famous locations.

Marina di Pisa the nearest beach (50 kms far – west direction) with good restaurants, but sea is not so good.

Viareggio (60 kms far – north/west direction) with good restaurants, pizzerias, bar, but sea is dirty, apart from Darsena Beaches  where there are wonderful beach resorts with large parking, beautiful swimming pool, restaurants, but it is very far from the center.

Marina di Massa (75 kms far – north/west direction) for us is the best: clean sea and many facilities, it is also good to catch the boat to Cinque Terre.

Pineta di Marina di Cecina (80 kms far – south/west direction) beach with woderful pine forest where to have a pic nic, restuarants are a bit far. Acqua Village an water park in Cecina very beautiful but expensive.

The White Beaches Rosignano (80 kms far – south/west direction) a particulare beach with white sand… someone say it is due to the pollution!! But it worth a visit.

Baratti Gulf (120 kms far – south/west direction) a wonderful place with beautiful beaches and an historical site to visit and near harbour to get to Elba Isle. A day cannot be enough to see all.

There are many other little pearls on the Mar Tirreno, follow the the street along the sea, enjoy the views and stop when you feel inspired!



Have I ever talked about Siena? Maybe not, because here in Pisa that borders the Florentine we are a bit ‘envious of so much beauty. Already in the Renaissance period Florence was struggling to keep up with Siena.
So let’s do it!


Based on my experience and my preferences, I have created a 5-hour ring, where we must pay maximum attention to speed, speed cameras and perhaps even animals crossing the road.
Never forget a bottle of water, some snacks and a hat (for sun and rain).
There are no highways, but only regional roads. Here the time has stopped at the last century, so even the wifi will suffer a bit in some places. Pure nature topped with dozens of churches and monuments, which despite the saints are still there while the bridges built 50 years ago collapse like ice that melts in the spring.
A long route, but with various stops that will make you admire the best places of true Tuscany.
After only one hour of travel, you will be in San Gimignano. There is not a CasaLina guest who has not visited it. A medieval fairy-tale country.
Short walk in the center, breakfast in one of the many bars, and again you leave for another destination.
In less than an hour, here is the imposing Siena. Here everything has been said and the opposite of everything, I will only tell you about the cafes of Piazza del Campo if you do not want to find yourself paying too much.

At lunchtime, better bet on a farmhouse outside the city, excellent food, excellent wines and reasonable bills, perhaps along the way to the Abbey of San Galgano, a mystical place for some with a church where the roof has collapsed and nearby building where a fascinating relic is kept, the one that is thought to have been the famous sword in the rock. Here we are right at the end of our journey, so you will not be surprised if around you you will see nothing but hills and natural landscapes, postcard views that you will have seen only in Tuscany advertisements. Here I am here. I think it was worth getting here to see what the real Tuscany is, a land that emerged after the last glaciation that in its low and rounded hills still reminds the waves of the sea.

Last obligatory stop Volterra. Impossible to skip it, it would be a sacrilege. Like San Gimignano, Volterra is also a jewel of architecture. I myself who live here and now I am used to my territory, I am still amazed and I feel a huge emotion in seeing so much beauty. Volterra is famous for its alabaster. Even if it will weigh a little in your suitcase, you will certainly not be able to resist taking it away for a while.
It was a tiring day and maybe I made you run a bit too much. In fact, one day is just a little to visit all these places, but it will be worth it.

While you calmly return home, I suggest you choose a restaurant for dinner. There is nothing better than a dinner in one of the many restaurants in San Miniato. Any one will be fine, they are all excellent. I recommend trying the truffle specialties in the area, a little pricey, but a taste is a must.

A really full day that will surely remain in your heart and you can say that you have known the real Tuscany.


It is autumn, but Tuscany sun is still shining. Very few rainy days and then the sun returns to illuminate our lands. Sunglasses are a must !! In days like these the best place to visit is Pisa. Devoted to the sea, Pisa embodies the city of creativity, the city where everything is possible even if it is to make a wrong tower stand! A university campus, where with the bases of the past you look with excitement to the future.

When I go to Pisa I do so:

I park my car at the Tower Parking

(timetables and parking price at the following link)

At 4 minutes I find Piazza dei Miracoli and the Leaning Tower.

I lie down on the meadow, sunbathe, I make myself a selfie where I pretend to hold the Tower ahahahah

Then I get a bit hungry, it’s noon and I go back to the car and head to Marina di Pisa where is my favorite restaurant “LA RUSTICA“. Fish dishes and pizzeria, delicious cuisine, abundant portions and modest prices, even takeaway. Have you ever tried to take away fry? Other than fast food !! With my card of squid and fried shrimp and chips I walk on the rocks on feet or to the new beautiful marina, the sight is assured! Peace, sun and sea perfume.

This is my idea of ​​Pisa.


One of the most interesting destinations of CasaLina & CasAlfredo’s guests is the Riviera of Levante in Liguria, here in the province of La Spezia are a series of villages that since 1997 have been included among the UNESCO World Heritage. Porto Venere, with the islands Palmaria, Tino, Tinetto and Cinque Terre (from west to east: Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, Riomaggiore) definitely deserve a visit. Porto Venere means Venus Harbor and Cinque Terre means Five Lands. In less than 90 minutes drive you can enjoy a fabulous, unreal landscape made of crystal clear waters, unspoilt beaches, wonderful naturalistic trails, stunning scenery, art, culture and food at the highest standards. Let us remember, however, that as a monumental hamlet our presence must not have too much environmental impact for them. These lands live in a fragile balance that can not be overwhelmed by the frenzy of modern life. For this reason, those arriving by car will surely have to deal with the parking problem, often crowded, far from the center and quite expensive. Some countries have been parked very externally with respect to the center, but well connected by a very frequent and economical shuttle bus. For further details, please visit

The train is a hinting alternative. Trenitalia proposes 5 Terre Express. In words all very beautiful, in reality we find ourselves in a nightmare journey, made up of delays, crowds, besides noting that in the past Italy has built tunnels and stations without respect for the surrounding environment and never making significant improvements to the structures. There is someone who likes to say that this is all very picturesque in Italy, I disagree. I want my guests to have a fantastic memory of Italy.

My advice to spend a wonderful day without stress is to take part in boat trips organized by the Consorzio Marittimo Turistico Cinque Terre Gulf of Poets. I generally suggest that you reach the Marina di Massa haven with less than an hour’s drive. You must park in Via Zolezzi near the church for parking is free and close to the embarkation site You can check out more useful information, timetables and rates at the following link

The boat is certainly the most convenient and suggestive way to visit this area. A light luggage, a little camera, a beach towel and a sunblock in the beautiful season and the game is done. During the journey you can admire unseen glimpses and often in summer the ships approach into marvelous coves where you can swim. Upon arrival in the villages you will immediately find yourself in the little harbor of the historic center and without any parking problems you can easily walk to the area, try one of the many restaurants tasting the typical pesto trophies or pointing at the bakeries that propose the typical Ligurian focaccia note for its delicious softness, a soft dough that if I think I’m getting it now! You will love this place, not by chance in the last century was the typical destination of our grandparents’ honeymoon and one of the most famous trails is called the Way of Love. These are feelings that can not be explained, perhaps for this reason Lord Byron was a frequent visitor to these areas, the famous poet was inspired by the passion transmitted from this wild, uncontaminated nature and a bit harsh with its inhabitants. Here, where the mountains dive into the sea, the nature trails are mostly suitable for well-equipped and experienced trekking people. Those who want to get closer to this type of tourism put their skills to the test, but it also takes great satisfaction. The trails can take you to the most hidden and pure places in the Cinque Terre Park. In the summer the activities are multiplied, the sea is calm and clean and becomes deep only after 3 meters from the shore, so suitable for all ages and all levels of skill as swimmers. Even in the spring, if you leave for the Cinque Terre, do not forget to put your costume under your clothes, because tan is insured.

In short, Cinque Terre is for all tastes and it is not impossible to take a tour from the morning to the evening also with children. Just plan your trip well, assess the difficulty of the trails and get involved with the magical atmosphere you breathe here.


Florence is a must-see for those visiting Tuscany. The only guests who don’t visit Florence are those who have already been there once in their life and sometimes they choose to return the city for the second , third, fourth time…. Florence is always wonderful, I always say that it is a free open-air museum, but it is also a very difficult city as for the traffic. The best way to reach Florence from CasaLina & CasAlfredo is by car because you do not have time limit and you can feel more independent. Train could seem a good alternative, but ticket is quite expensive, train are not always in time and the train stations here around are a bit far.

All our guests are agreed that CasaLina & CasAlfredo are well connected to the principal Tuscany route FI-PI-LI that means FIRENZE-PISA-LIVORNO, this is the most important free highway of the region. In 3 minutes from here you can enter this route and get to Florence in 30 minutes. When you get near to Florence, you have two choices:

  1. Parking in the city: there are several parking areas and garages, but they are all very expensive.
  2. Parking in the suburb: our suggestion is to leave the FI-PI-LI before entering Florence, taking the FIRENZE EXIT. Then follow the direction PRATO/PISTOIA and MEDIAWORLD PONTE A GREVE. There you can find a very large free parking near a big commercial center. This parking is not guarded, but is quite safe and useful. Very close to the parking you can find the TRAMVIA station called Nenni-Torregalli. Tramway ticket is cheap and easy to buy. Round trip ticket for Florence is only Euro 1.20 (kids under the 1 meter don’t pay)and let you reach the heart of the city in 5 minutes, crossing lovely places, you only need to get off the tram at the Alemanni Station.

To simplify my explanation, please add the following link to your device and let Google show you the way.,+Viuzzo+delle+Case+Nuove,+9%2F12,+Centro+Ponte+a+Greve,+50018+Firenze+FI/CasAlfredo,+Via+di+Poggio+Adorno,+9,+56029+Cerri+PI/@43.7524165,10.8596744,11z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m13!4m12!1m5!1m1!1s0x132a50d06af8350b:0x5662e255e01fc799!2m2!1d11.1967581!2d43.7656829!1m5!1m1!1s0x132a707e89886119:0xa373193abc9a910e!2m2!1d10.757629!2d43.736442

Here as follows the link where you can find maps and further details of the tramway