How to get there… Episode 3 – San Gimignano, Siena, San Galgano, Volterra

15 August 2018 by Federica Ghimenti

Have I ever talked about Siena? Maybe not, because here in Pisa that borders the Florentine we are a bit ‘envious of so much beauty. Already in the Renaissance period Florence was struggling to keep up with Siena.
So let’s do it!


Based on my experience and my preferences, I have created a 5-hour ring, where we must pay maximum attention to speed, speed cameras and perhaps even animals crossing the road.
Never forget a bottle of water, some snacks and a hat (for sun and rain).
There are no highways, but only regional roads. Here the time has stopped at the last century, so even the wifi will suffer a bit in some places. Pure nature topped with dozens of churches and monuments, which despite the saints are still there while the bridges built 50 years ago collapse like ice that melts in the spring.
A long route, but with various stops that will make you admire the best places of true Tuscany.
After only one hour of travel, you will be in San Gimignano. There is not a CasaLina guest who has not visited it. A medieval fairy-tale country.
Short walk in the center, breakfast in one of the many bars, and again you leave for another destination.
In less than an hour, here is the imposing Siena. Here everything has been said and the opposite of everything, I will only tell you about the cafes of Piazza del Campo if you do not want to find yourself paying too much.

At lunchtime, better bet on a farmhouse outside the city, excellent food, excellent wines and reasonable bills, perhaps along the way to the Abbey of San Galgano, a mystical place for some with a church where the roof has collapsed and nearby building where a fascinating relic is kept, the one that is thought to have been the famous sword in the rock. Here we are right at the end of our journey, so you will not be surprised if around you you will see nothing but hills and natural landscapes, postcard views that you will have seen only in Tuscany advertisements. Here I am here. I think it was worth getting here to see what the real Tuscany is, a land that emerged after the last glaciation that in its low and rounded hills still reminds the waves of the sea.

Last obligatory stop Volterra. Impossible to skip it, it would be a sacrilege. Like San Gimignano, Volterra is also a jewel of architecture. I myself who live here and now I am used to my territory, I am still amazed and I feel a huge emotion in seeing so much beauty. Volterra is famous for its alabaster. Even if it will weigh a little in your suitcase, you will certainly not be able to resist taking it away for a while.
It was a tiring day and maybe I made you run a bit too much. In fact, one day is just a little to visit all these places, but it will be worth it.

While you calmly return home, I suggest you choose a restaurant for dinner. There is nothing better than a dinner in one of the many restaurants in San Miniato. Any one will be fine, they are all excellent. I recommend trying the truffle specialties in the area, a little pricey, but a taste is a must.

A really full day that will surely remain in your heart and you can say that you have known the real Tuscany.