How to get there… – Episode 1: Florence

10 September 2017 by Federica Ghimenti

Florence is a must-see for those visiting Tuscany. The only guests who don’t visit Florence are those who have already been there once in their life and sometimes they choose to return the city for the second , third, fourth time…. Florence is always wonderful, I always say that it is a free open-air museum, but it is also a very difficult city as for the traffic. The best way to reach Florence from CasaLina & CasAlfredo is by car because you do not have time limit and you can feel more independent. Train could seem a good alternative, but ticket is quite expensive, train are not always in time and the train stations here around are a bit far.

All our guests are agreed that CasaLina & CasAlfredo are well connected to the principal Tuscany route FI-PI-LI that means FIRENZE-PISA-LIVORNO, this is the most important free highway of the region. In 3 minutes from here you can enter this route and get to Florence in 30 minutes. When you get near to Florence, you have two choices:

  1. Parking in the city: there are several parking areas and garages, but they are all very expensive.
  2. Parking in the suburb: our suggestion is to leave the FI-PI-LI before entering Florence, taking the FIRENZE EXIT. Then follow the direction PRATO/PISTOIA and MEDIAWORLD PONTE A GREVE. There you can find a very large free parking near a big commercial center. This parking is not guarded, but is quite safe and useful. Very close to the parking you can find the TRAMVIA station called Nenni-Torregalli. Tramway ticket is cheap and easy to buy. Round trip ticket for Florence is only Euro 1.20 (kids under the 1 meter don’t pay)and let you reach the heart of the city in 5 minutes, crossing lovely places, you only need to get off the tram at the Alemanni Station.

To simplify my explanation, please add the following link to your device and let Google show you the way.,+Viuzzo+delle+Case+Nuove,+9%2F12,+Centro+Ponte+a+Greve,+50018+Firenze+FI/CasAlfredo,+Via+di+Poggio+Adorno,+9,+56029+Cerri+PI/@43.7524165,10.8596744,11z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m13!4m12!1m5!1m1!1s0x132a50d06af8350b:0x5662e255e01fc799!2m2!1d11.1967581!2d43.7656829!1m5!1m1!1s0x132a707e89886119:0xa373193abc9a910e!2m2!1d10.757629!2d43.736442

Here as follows the link where you can find maps and further details of the tramway


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