If you really want to save money in Italy follow these 4 simple rules

4 October 2017 by CasaLina

– Prefer accommodation not too close to big cities.

The big cities are assaulted by tourists, so the market price rises, but it does not exactly match the quality of the services. The structures are mostly old mansions, this means beautiful locations, but it is not said the bath always works fine! This would not be a big deal if the staff were ready and attentive to the costumers, but on this I do not feel to put my hand on the fire.

– Call the facilities directly without going through the major channels (Booking, Airbnb, etc.).

You can search through conventional channels, then try to find the direct contact of the structure you prefere. A simple and efficient way is to access Booking, complete the profile with the mobile number and make sure Whatsapp is installed on our device. If the property allows for Booking the free cancellation please make a reservation with Booking and cancel immediately. Booking notifies the owner of the booking with all your data including the cell phone and after they notify the cancellation. Most likely the property owner will contact you in good faith to know the reasons for the cancellation and will offer you a direct offer. Generally you save from 15% to 40% compared to Booking Price. Almost always payment is required in cash upon arrival, only in some cases an advance or credit card is required. Do not be afraid of the language problem, almost all owners know English, otherwise messages on Whatsapp are easily translatable with the various apps in circulation Google Translator (Android) or iTranslate (iOs).

– Rent a car.

The train / bus formula may sound the cheapest way, but it is worth noting that there are the restaurants and the most expensive exercises near the stations. Aside from fast food (and I do not think it’s your first choice if you want to come to Italy), the bars and pizzerias of that area are even more expensive than 100%. To come to Italy and not to eat Italian does not seem to me a good choice. Having a car instead gives you many more options, you can reach many more excellent restaurants, pizzerias, bars, and bakeries at significantly lower prices. In essence it is about living like a real Italian. The owners of the facilities will be happy to give you more information on the best exercises, the unbeatable value for money.

– Look over the photos.

Exciting views, dream terraces? Are you sure you want this? The photographers are good at turning an ordinary reality into a spectacle of nature … I am also a photograph and I try to do that more I can. Advertising photos are made in optimum conditions to achieve a certain result and to achieve a super-positive impact on the user. Bringing overwhelming emotions that inspire the desire to visit that particular place is the primary aspect. Unfortunately, it is up to your sensitivity to blindly believe images or deepen your investigation. A visit to Google Street View can be enlightening. You can also try to find photos of the same structure that are not diverted by economic interest. Evaluate distances from the structure to the cities you want to visit, but also to the major shops, bars, restaurants. Even the reviews of previous guests are fundamental, but remember that every person has their own tastes and way of expressing them. From my point of view, a negative review does not remedy a vacation. If possible you should always try to reconcile the parties. The negative review is to be implemented only as a last resort, if the owner appears absent and relapses to solve the customer’s problems.