It is autumn, but Tuscany sun is still shining. Very few rainy days and then the sun returns to illuminate our lands. Sunglasses are a must !! In days like these the best place to visit is Pisa. Devoted to the sea, Pisa embodies the city of creativity, the city where everything is possible even if it is to make a wrong tower stand! A university campus, where with the bases of the past you look with excitement to the future.

When I go to Pisa I do so:

I park my car at the Tower Parking https://goo.gl/maps/doTqyhLwqLJ2

(timetables and parking price at the following link)


At 4 minutes I find Piazza dei Miracoli and the Leaning Tower.

I lie down on the meadow, sunbathe, I make myself a selfie where I pretend to hold the Tower ahahahah

Then I get a bit hungry, it’s noon and I go back to the car and head to Marina di Pisa where is my favorite restaurant “LA RUSTICA“. Fish dishes and pizzeria, delicious cuisine, abundant portions and modest prices, even takeaway. Have you ever tried to take away fry? Other than fast food !! With my card of squid and fried shrimp and chips I walk on the rocks on feet or to the new beautiful marina, the sight is assured! Peace, sun and sea perfume.

This is my idea of ​​Pisa.

CasaLina & CasAlfredo