Travel with kids

22 September 2017 by Federica Ghimenti

At Casalina & CasAlfredo, small guests are welcome. During this year we have known a myriad of parroets of all nationalities. Children when they enter our apartments say “ohhhh!” And their eyes light up right away! Certainly our greatest satisfaction. I still remember with great affection the family who arrived in the summer with four children one of them was 3 month, the little French sisters, a Belgian “doll” from unforgettable cheeks, Naja from Spain who was playing with my son while his mother she was sleeping in the house because she was pregnant, and so many more.

Our staff did everything to make their stay pleasant: we have made our garden available to play, we suggested to parents the right restaurants where to eat peacefully while children can have fun in the adjacent and enclosed playground, in some cases we have taken care of the children directly because the parents did not feel well. I have a baby too, and I know what it means to travel to a new place and have to arrange quickly to manage the children. Before we leave we parents always try to figure out whether the place we’re going to visit is suitable for our children, and sometimes we give up for fear of exposing them to dangers or stressful journeys. With CasaLina & Casalfredo dear parents you can travel calm and enjoy an exciting trip. The discovery of Tuscany will be a wonderful adventure and your children will also thank you.

Here are some of the sites I always recommend to my guests. Contact me on Whatsapp, Viber or Facebook for more information.

Restaurants child friendly

Lago i Salici

Gelsa Ristofamily

Casa d’Africa

Leo’s Land

Taka Tuka

La Taverna del Grillo

Minigolf Montecatini



Parco Robinson e Percorso Vita Montefalcone

Parco di Pinocchio

Piccolo Mondo


La Taverna del Grillo



La Notte dei Briganti

Festa dell’Unicorno

Festa di Hallloween al Ponte del Diavolo

Casa di Babbo Natale a Montecatini

And for next year, a fantastic surprise for young and old: in our large garden we will install a large swimming pool with depths ranging from 1.2 to 1.8 meters to meet every need.

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